The Lost Nine

Recap Time 8/18/12
Lost Nine Recap

Recap Time!

With trying to be a bit un-lazy and do more actual writing, here’s a brief recap of last week’s little adventure.

Our brave group, fresh from bargaining for the book of the present, set out via teleportation back to pirate cove amidst the north shores of Chult. Once there they began negotiating for a passage aboard a ship to the gateway city of the golden road that lead to the far mysterious east.

With a bit of leg work the group narrowed down the choices to a few boats, with a bit more insistence from the Tibit of the party they settled on a gnomish crewed vessel of great speed and much steam and clockwork power
After a few weeks on the open seas, and with much button pressing at the hands of the ex-artificer Tibit, the group eventually landed at their destination and began the travel over land passing by such wonderful locales as Thay and traveling through the Hordelands until they reached the deserts of eastern lands.

With a bit of preparation and forethought the party started the harder trek across the desert, experiencing many days of hard but manageable travel before running a fowl of a trap. A sand storm pushed towards them via magical means as an attempt to distract them as a trio of humanoid snake like creatures sprung for to try and make off with Skyfury.

Some were caught off guard by the attack, but the group quickly sprang into action attacking and fighting off the snake people just in time to save Skyfury from being drug into the burning sands and to his doom.

Days past the first incident a group of armed guards approached the traveling caravan from over the great dunes of sand, bringing an invitation from a great warlord of the desert. Invited to return with the guards and rest amongst the comforts of his people, the party reluctantly accepted. Perhaps more out trying to avoid a fight at insulting the self-proclaimed warlord or just for a breath from the hard travels.

Once amongst the sprawls of the warlords camp, they were invited for food and told of their tales. However, careful to leave out mention of sacred books or anything that might garner to much of lords interest. Meanwhile the tibit spending time as cat peeked through the camp only to come across the treasures of the warlord, doing her best to peek through it for things they might need as lord of the camp was busy making more than a few unsubtle passes at the groups pretty blade dancer.

In the end the tibit came across two rings of sustenance, two decanters of endless water, a curious old lamp, and a clockwork staff baring a makers mark that included a few symbols recognized from the various tombs and locations the group had visited. At this they decided it best to try and find a way to steal or bargain for these things. The warlord of course happy to perhaps trade for a night with the lovely blade dancer and a small favor of the group re-acquiring some items taken by a competing bandit.

At this the party was left with the decision of whether to bargain or whether to take, and if so just how they would pull the theft off in the middle of a heavily guarded warlord’s camp of guards and servants.

Time for an update on our little band of miss fits
To steal from a great movie "The gods must be crazy"

The great Skyfury has decided that for now he will help our little band of adventurers. He is learning how much his world has changed over the last thousand years, new gods have risen to power and others have been killed or absorbed by other gods.

He is trying to cope with the loss of everything he knows, it has been a tough time for him he has kept his head down and fought alongside our little band. Between searching and fighting the denizens of this ruined city they were taking a break from the monotony of the search and recovering from the wounds of battle, which there have been many, they have been visited twice by a strange interloper, who came to give Skyfury some information, mainly, the first time was to let him know he had been held in stasis for 1000 years and the fate of his friends from the past. The second time he came to comfort, albeit in his own strange way, Skyfury and let him know he has not been forsaken by his creator/deity, and to answer any other questions, again in his own strange way, he might have.

There was a long and heated conversation between several of the members of the party, to be expected with such a diverse group, some in the group don’t understand having grief for lost loved ones and friends, but they are learning from each other and getting to know each other. Call it growing pains. After the departure of the interloper, an “old friend” showed up with a new toy, and to see how things were going.

Hello from the past + 1 more
While searching the ruins of the ancient city our little eclectic group stumble upon a relic from the past, well to them he was, and add one more to the little band.

They break through a door shattering the seal that holds a room in a stasis and find a dead Magi and a being unlike any they have seen before. Seeing the magi, the creature immediately decapitates the corpse, shocking our young adventurers. He instantly starts asking questions of our little group. It doesn’t take long for both parties to figure out that he has been in this little room for a very long time. Through conversation they learn he is an Aquilan. He has joined the little group for the moment; will he stay or move on to other adventures? Only time will tell, but for now he is helping the little band.

Behold + 2 more
Well what do we have here?

Well well, what do we have here? A goblin and a war forged have joined the little band of adventurers. The goblin appears to be a Bard of some sort and not sure what the war forged is, but it us a good juggler. They have entered into the ruins of an ancient city and have begun the search for the items they have been hired to retrieve. While searching they have entered an ancient Mage tower, where all kinds of wonder await them.

The story thus Far
what our intrepid little guys are doing

Living in comfortable squalor in the depths of the Waterdeep our little band of adventures have unknowingly caught the eye of a patron in need of their services.

Around 800 years ago a set of Books were stolen from his family. He has come upon information as to where they might be found. He set about looking for people to take on the task of retrieving the lost family heirlooms.

He sent his “servant” to check them out and see if they would be able to get the task done. Against his “servants” better judgment he hired the motley group for the job.

After a couple of days travel the group happened upon a mysterious mutilation at a road side inn. They investigated it and found that there was a band of orcs raiding the trade route they were on. Having dispatched the orcs they brought one to the nearest town to have him questioned. This is where they met the newest member of there group. Now with 4 members they decide to head back out on their quest for the stolen books.

How many more “friends” will they pick up along the way only time will tell?


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