The Lost Nine

Time for an update on our little band of miss fits

To steal from a great movie "The gods must be crazy"

The great Skyfury has decided that for now he will help our little band of adventurers. He is learning how much his world has changed over the last thousand years, new gods have risen to power and others have been killed or absorbed by other gods.

He is trying to cope with the loss of everything he knows, it has been a tough time for him he has kept his head down and fought alongside our little band. Between searching and fighting the denizens of this ruined city they were taking a break from the monotony of the search and recovering from the wounds of battle, which there have been many, they have been visited twice by a strange interloper, who came to give Skyfury some information, mainly, the first time was to let him know he had been held in stasis for 1000 years and the fate of his friends from the past. The second time he came to comfort, albeit in his own strange way, Skyfury and let him know he has not been forsaken by his creator/deity, and to answer any other questions, again in his own strange way, he might have.

There was a long and heated conversation between several of the members of the party, to be expected with such a diverse group, some in the group don’t understand having grief for lost loved ones and friends, but they are learning from each other and getting to know each other. Call it growing pains. After the departure of the interloper, an “old friend” showed up with a new toy, and to see how things were going.



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