The Lost Nine

The story thus Far

what our intrepid little guys are doing

Living in comfortable squalor in the depths of the Waterdeep our little band of adventures have unknowingly caught the eye of a patron in need of their services.

Around 800 years ago a set of Books were stolen from his family. He has come upon information as to where they might be found. He set about looking for people to take on the task of retrieving the lost family heirlooms.

He sent his “servant” to check them out and see if they would be able to get the task done. Against his “servants” better judgment he hired the motley group for the job.

After a couple of days travel the group happened upon a mysterious mutilation at a road side inn. They investigated it and found that there was a band of orcs raiding the trade route they were on. Having dispatched the orcs they brought one to the nearest town to have him questioned. This is where they met the newest member of there group. Now with 4 members they decide to head back out on their quest for the stolen books.

How many more “friends” will they pick up along the way only time will tell?



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